Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving treatment with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. The person remains fully clothed and is in a relaxed position either laying down or sitting up. The practitioner will spend 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the client’s needs, providing a Reiki treatment. Most people will feel warmth or a tingling sensation with feelings of relaxation, well-being, balance, harmony and other positive states. The treatment will assist in the healing process and is a complementary approach to conventional medical practices.

Tris will help you experience the relaxing healing benefits of Reiki and discover how it can have a positive effect on your body and on your overall health.

In addition to your Reiki treatment Tris can work with you to balance your Chakra energy centers. Your Chakras play an important part in your overall health. Healing crystals and essential oils are also available to you as a part of your treatment if you so desire.